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[INSERT LOGO] Case Study Gale Force Wins was invited by Lanes Retirement Living to capture conversations from the residents, family members, staff, and owners in multiple locations within the St. John’s property to be used for internal and external marketing. Challenges The expression “Mom is going to a Home” sometimes is misunderstood and the team […]

[INSERT LOGO] Case Study Gale Force Wins was invited by Keyin College to capture conversations from students, graduates, staff, instructors and industry partners across multiple locations to be used for internal and external marketing. Challenges In an academic institution with multiple campuses there are many stories to tell and a traditional marketing team struggles to […]

[INSERT LOGO] Case Study Meet the employees of Heddle Shipyards and provide exposure to the companies culture of teamwork and excellence. Challenges They have a great story to tell and a great team to showcase but their industry receives little exposure or renown so naturally the company struggles to get their message out. Benefits They […]

[INSERT MEDIA] Case Study The Government of the Turks and Caicos has made a significant contract with its citizens and as they deliver on that contract they are pleased and proud to tell their story. The want the people to hold them accountable. They have been working to change the practice of the last 50 […]

[INSERT MEDIA] Case Study Gale Force Wins was invited to join Genoa Design International in their booth at the 2021 Defence and Security Trade Show in Halifax. Genoa is a very forward thinking and innovative St. John’s based company who quickly saw that face to face conversations on a trade show floor (post COVID 19) […]

[INSERT MEDIA] Case Study DEFSEC Atlantic are proudly going into the 17th year as DEFSEC Atlantic presented by the Atlantic Canada Aerospace & Defence Association, now the second largest event of its kind in Canada. They keep producing an event that is flexible, open, relevant to industry and constantly evolving to best serve the needs […]

[INSERT MEDIA] Case Study On completion of a successful DEFSEC 2021 where Gale Force Wins worked with Genoa Design International, the show organizers saw the value of bringing the Gale Force Wins style of conversation to the entire trade show. We were brought to the front house to shoot, edit, and post over 30 conversations […]

[INSERT MEDIA] Case Study OceansAdvance Inc. created The Canadian Women in Ocean Industries Leadership initiative aimed to increase women’s leadership and contribution to the industry by fostering a diverse talent pipeline. The initiative was a two day conference and trade show located in St.John’s Newfoundland, Canada. Challenges This was the inaugural Canadian Women in Ocean […]

Case Study – Budapest, Hungary The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hungary took the initiative to tell their story differently. They knew they had great member companies who were doing great things but put through the Western lens all things Hungarian are a little misunderstood. Challenges Hungry has had a tumultuous past and the last […]

Case Study As part of the Canadian Ocean Supercluster, member companies Cougar Helicopters and BlueDrop Training and Simulation embarked on a collaboration to create a very specific simulator – the Hoist Mission Training Simulator (HMTS). Gale Force Wins was brought in to assist with tel l ing this story and showcasing the follow on product. […]

Case Study With a fast moving, dynamic, and ever evolving energy sector in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Everwind fuels is building the largest wind farm in the Western Hemisphere to produce green hydrogen that is carbon free and made from 100% renewable resources. There are plenty of competitors, regulators, governments, communities, suppliers, and […]

Case Study The HAB Group is a leading Turks and Caicos Property Developer and owner of the Royal Turks and Caicos Golf Course which has recently been awarded the Top Golf Course in the Caribbean. At A Glance Challenges The Royal Turks and Caicos Golf Course was recently rebranded and was looking for a more […]

Case Study Bounce Health Innovation Network took the initiative to challenge over 200 people with real world problems that faced the Rural Newfoundland and Labrador healthcare system. They chose to do a “hackathon”. “A hackathon, also known as a codefest, is a social coding event that brings computer programmers and other interested people together to […]

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