We love to work with Business Leaders, Trade Shows & Companies who have a story to tell and need help telling them to communicate regularly with their workforce and customer base. We love working with leaders and organizations who have faith in their employees to share their unique stories that will elevate the brand, attract more talent, and resonate with their customers

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Making content creation a breeze for your business

Known for our speedy turnaround and capturing truly authentic content, our Gale Force Content Creation Technique™ helps leaders, businesses and brands share their people-centric stories that encourage audience engagement, employee retention and positive brand awareness.


For us, it's about leaving people and companies in a better place and creating a stronger together experience tied to a more hopeful economic outlook. 

From our technological tools to our strategic yet agile approach to content creation, part of our secret sauce is we are resource friendly with your time and money, unobtrusive, and we’ve refined our process that allows you to get your content quickly and easily. 

The content we create centers around people telling their stories, and we’re experts at facilitating conversations that get to the heart of the story, leaving everyone feeling good and creating content that makes a difference. 

Our style of storytelling revolves around authenticity - genuine, unscripted, real stories from real people. 

As people, as content creators and by our nature we are big networkers and we love connecting our clients with other people, companies and opportunities if it helps them move forward. Storytelling Authentic Collaborative

GFW is always seeking a brighter pathway by helping you tell your stories that focus on positivity, feel good, and hopeful moments. 

Our process

wondering how it all works?

Share concept of video production shoot outlining how footage will be captured to accomplish goals.

Rapid Storyboarding

Identify content themes and topics to cover and how they’ll be used.

Content Purpose

We prep beforehand so edits are speedy, giving you a quick turnaround on your custom content.

Quick edits

Quick set up, feel-good interview prep, an d easy execution to capture the heart of your brand thru stories.

On Location Shoot

You have the option to add on our implementation package to strategize your content rollout via website and social media.

follow Up + Support

Content delivered, labeled, and organized in a Google drive for ease of implementation.

easy delivery

Our video content will help you to consistently communicate in a more authentic, personal way with employees in order to share transparently, boost morale, and increase retention. We will create video content to populate on your website, social media channels and to connect and engage with customers. We also create a marketing plan to attract customers and increase the bottom line.

Do you desire to communicate regularly with your workforce? 


We will capture all the interviews and happenings at your trade show event to use immediately to promote your trade shows. We are expert storytellers that will handle interviews and delivering quality content in a quick, easy way. You will have the ability to market the trade show and produce content to continue marketing and future success. 

Your dedicated in house team.

trade shows

Become an employer of choice with content to attract, engage and convert customers to increase your bottom line. Have fresh content ready for your website, social media channels and or internal communications. Share what set’s you apart to boost brand awareness.

Share your story and the people at the heart of those stories.


Online Training

a teaser that contains a valuable piece of information

Win Gust 

A Win Gust or snippet teaser specializes in analyzing existing video content to identify and extract key topics and segments that are most relevant and engaging to your target audience. 

allows your marketing team to upskill in the digital video content creation space

The platform offers a comprehensive curriculum taught by industry experts designed to upskill marketing teams in digital video content creation, covering everything from scripting to publishing. 

Mobile Toolkiit

Everything you need to create video content 


We offer a comprehensive video content creation toolkit. Designed for organizations looking to produce professional-grade videos, this stationary toolkit contains everything needed to create compelling video content.

Everything that you need to ceate contant on the go

an all-in-one solution for high-quality video creation on the go, Tailored for creators and organizations needing a professional-grade, mobile video production setup, this kit ensures you're ready to capture quality content wherever you are.

Video FAQ's

Designed for the CEO to the Content Creator 


 We offer personalized guidance on content creation and dissemination, providing a platform to answer all your queries related to producing and sharing effective video content. Whether in person or via Zoom, our experts are ready to collaborate closely with you. 

Designed to revolutionize the way your business addresses FAQs

We record a selection of your employees stating the FAQ's that matter to you and your business. It is a creative way to empower your employees to answer the questions prospective clients may have. Introduces a selection of your key employees to the key stakeholders and prospective clients.

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A creative way utilizing video content to showcase a persons resume

Talent Streams

An innovative solution for job seekers to enhance their resume and work experience presentation through video content. This creative approach not only highlights an individual's skills and communication abilities but also provides a dynamic and engaging way to showcase their professional background to potential employers.

An innovative product designed to revolutionize the recruitment process

Leverage video content to attract top talent for available positions. This creative approach allows companies to present job opportunities in a dynamic and engaging manner, showcasing the company culture, team, and the essence of the role to potential candidates.

Podcast Sponsorship

Sponsoring a community television show and thier affiliated Social Media Channels

rogers TV

A unique opportunity to connect with hundreds of thousands of people in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, through engaging and optimistic content. This sponsorship not only enhances your brand's visibility across a wide, local audience but also aligns your business with positive community values and initiatives. It provides a platform for demonstrating corporate social responsibility by supporting content that matters to the community.

Tuesday Evening Sponsorship

Share in the optimism and and inspiration of Gale Force Wins by being the sponsor at the front of every episode going forward.

Health Care Recruiting

Celebrating the elders in a community and preserving their legacy

Legacy Videos

A unique and heartfelt product designed to celebrate the elders in a community by preserving and sharing their valuable legacies. This innovative service offers a creative way to capture the stories, wisdom, and experiences of senior community members, ensuring their memories and contributions are cherished for generations to come.

A strategic and impactful approach to healthcare recruiting

Recruting health care professionals is complex and competitive which is exactly why the Gale Force Wins creative digital video content approach can greatly enhance and assist your recruitment effort by focusing on stories of success and what is working for you.

- Tonya Whittle

"Gerry and Allan bring incredible curiosity and joy to their interviews and podcasts along with really doing their research into who you are as a person behind the brand/job. It’s an easy flowing conversation that really puts you at ease so you forget the camera and mic’s are even present. "

- Tonya Whittle

"Gerry and Allan bring incredible curiosity and joy to their interviews and podcasts along with really doing their research into who you are as a person behind the brand/job. It’s an easy flowing conversation that really puts you at ease so you forget the camera and mic’s are even present. "

- Tonya Whittle

"Gerry and Allan bring incredible curiosity and joy to their interviews and podcasts along with really doing their research into who you are as a person behind the brand/job. It’s an easy flowing conversation that really puts you at ease so you forget the camera and mic’s are even present. "

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