DEFSEC Atlantic 2023


Case Study

DEFSEC Atlantic are proudly going into the 17th year as DEFSEC Atlantic presented by the Atlantic Canada
Aerospace & Defence Association, now the second largest event of its kind in Canada. They keep producing an event that is flexible, open, relevant to industry and constantly evolving to best serve the needs of all its participants.


  • The constant need to stay ahead of evolving threats and technologies.
  • The increasing complexity of modern warfare.
  • Budget constraints pose a significant challenge for the industry.
  • Maintaining a skilled workforce is crucial.
  • Retaining top talent can be challenging.
  • International collaboration and coordination.
  • Addressing these challenges requires a comprehensive approach that involves continuous research and development, strategic planning, effective resource management, international cooperation, and getting the message out. The best way to do this starts with conversations and storytelling.


  • The participants received their conversation back within 30 mins so showcase what was happening at the conference.
  • The conversations created an excitement and segway into the next years event.
  • Participants received a highly produced video and audio file for use on all their platforms
  • Gale Force Wins Content Creation Technique is based on storytelling.
  • Storytelling can be a powerful tool for showcasing products and services. By incorporating storytelling into marketing efforts, businesses can create a more engaging and memorable experience for
    their audience.


Gale Force Wins was tasked to showcase the DEFSEC 2023 conference to create excitement, generate
interest, and help them reach a broader audience. The podcasts style conversations were designed to
help the participants make connections with their audience, showcase their offerings, and celebrate
their efforts at the show.


Gale Force Wins met with the Leadership Team of DEFSEC 2023 to better understand the goals and themes of the show, make connections with the key sponsors, and commence arranging guests that would be featured. In advance of the show all logistical considerations were dealt with to ensure that the event organizers and key sponsors were prominently showcased. Gale Force Wins set up a fully equipped podcast booth (sound, video, lighting, and backdrop) at the main entrance to the event coupled with a production table for on spot editing and producing. A viewing area was set up allowing an audience to easily and comfortably gain knowledge from the conversation while it was happening. The guests arrived and within minutes a sound check was complete, lighting was adjusted, and the conversation commenced 30 mins before the opening remarks. All conversations were produced within 30 mins of recording and emailed to the participants with Social Media tags to all pertinent people, and organizations. It was a fast and easy process for every participant and the amount of sharing and follow-on conversations were remarkable



A collection of 45 videos was created and posted to social media and shared with all participants.

Watch the series here.