Genoa Design International


Case Study

Gale Force Wins was invited to join Genoa Design International in their booth at the 2021 Defence and Security Trade Show in Halifax. Genoa is a very forward thinking and innovative St. John’s based company who quickly saw that face to face conversations on a trade show floor (post COVID 19) would separate them from the other vendors. They were 100% correct.


Standing out on a trade show floor is a challenge at any time but looking to do things differently after a global two year hiatus (COVID 19) requires creative thought. Enter a podcast on the trade show floor embedded in the Genoa Design booth equals a Game Changer.


  • Genoa design reaps the benefits of being the conversation starter.
  • Genoa stands out from every other vendor and their booth visits increase exponentially.
  • Guests to the podcast feel alive as they talk about all that has happened for them personally and professionally.
  • Important topics are discussed and ideas are shared.
  • The conversation lived on for months to follow as the episodes were released.
  • Other vendors and organizers took notice of the innovative approach.


Gale Force Wins was tasked to produce a series of conversations each day from various guests to cover important topics in the defence, shipbuilding, and security sectors. These conversations would then be used as part of Genoa’s overall marketing campaign between trade shows.



Gale Force Wins met with the Communication and Marketing Team of Genoa
Design to storyboard the topics, design a booth layout, explore AV equipment
required, identify key people to speak with, and set a schedule for the two day
Gale Force Wins arrived at the trade show floor and quickly captured the visuals
of booth set ups, took some time lapse video of a the floor walkabout, and
captured well over the expected number of conversations given the uniqueness
of the podcast model and the audiences desire to speak.


A Youtube playlist of conversations that covered important topics in the marine,
shipbuilding, defence and security sector.

Click here to view the playlist.