DEFSEC Atlantic 2022


Case Study

On completion of a successful DEFSEC 2021 where Gale Force Wins worked with Genoa Design International, the show organizers saw the value of bringing the Gale Force Wins style of conversation to the entire trade show. We were brought to the front house to shoot, edit, and post over 30 conversations over three days.



The Canadian Defence and Security Industry is booming but not all Canadians have the luxury to look behind the curtain and to hear as much from the industry leaders themselves.



  • A new audience gets exposure to the booming Canadian Defence Industry.
  • Defence show participants get the opportunity to showcase their thought leaders and product offerings.
  • Government, Industry, and Academia share ideas on a unique and far reaching medium.
  • The podcast sponsor Cisco and ACADA are celebrated for bringing the conversation to the people.
  • Canadians get to meet the individuals who serve and defend Canada.




Gale Force Wins was tasked to produce ten conversations per day and publish them on all their social media networks in real time as the show was unfolding.




Gale Force Wins met with the Leadership Team of DEFSEC to storyboard the topics, design backdrops, scout locations and identify what guests should be brought to the stage.


Gale Force Wins arrived at the trade show and within minutes were ready to record and produce content. Each day consists of a walkabout on the show floor, all day interviews, and each day ends with a wrap up from the sponsor.




A Youtube playlist of conversations that covered important topics in the marine, shipbuilding, defence and security sector.

Click here to view the playlist.