Heddle Shipyards


Case Study

Meet the employees of Heddle Shipyards and provide exposure to the companies culture of teamwork and excellence.


They have a great story to tell and a great team to showcase but their industry receives little exposure or renown so naturally the company struggles to get their message out.


  • They get to tell their story.
  • They get to empower their team.
  • Potential future employees get an opportunity to see the culture and kind of work done by Heddle.
  • Increase recruitment and retention.
  • The public, administration and general staff get to know one another on a more meaningful level.


Gale Force Wins was tasked with interviewing 15 employees spread over two locations (Hamilton and Port Weller) in a two day period.



Senior leaders of Heddle outline the themes. By the nature of Gale Force Wins pursuit of authentic conversations the planning to very little time.


Gale Force Wins arrived on location at the Hamilton Shipyard on a Monday and recorded seven interviews around the shipyard. These interviews were arranged by Heddle ahead of time. We rapidly scout locations and organize your staff in an unobtrusive manner. On Tuesday, Gale Force Wins arrived on the site at the Port Weller facility and recorded eight interviews. The following week all 15 interviews were edited and uploaded to Heddles Youtube channel by Gale Force Wins. A Google Drive folder was created containing a teaser video, social media image, writeup for copying and pasting to social media and a planning calendar. The interviews are conducted in a very relaxed format and the guest feels empowered by the process.



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