Keyin College


Case Study

Gale Force Wins was invited by Keyin College to capture conversations from students, graduates, staff, instructors and industry partners across multiple locations to be used for internal and external marketing.


In an academic institution with multiple campuses there are many stories to tell and a traditional marketing team struggles to capture all the good news.


  • Students share their experiences.
  • Instructors get feedback and praise in an untraditional format.
  • Industry partners share their stories about students they’ve educated and helped.
  • The client gets a large volume of content that easily be used in marketing campaigns for a very long time.
  • All those interviews feel empowered and appreciated.


Gale Force Wins was tased to produce a large volume of conversations from various locations through the lens of students, graduates, staff, instructors, and industry partners that could be used for future marketing and business development. Conversations were to be in long form with a focus on creating smaller sound bites.



Gale Force Wins met with the leadership team of Keyin to storyboard the topics and identify key people. Keyin assigned their marketing expert to the task and all interviews and locations were scheduled over a four day period.


Gale Force Wins went from location to location and quickly set up all sound, video, and lighting. The interviewee was then made to feel relaxed and the Gale Force Wins team ensured all relevant topics were covered in a casual conversational style.


A large volume of video interviews were hand delivered to the Keyin College marketing team so that they could cut and paste for their website and social media.

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