Lanes Retirement Living


Case Study

Gale Force Wins was invited by Lanes Retirement Living to capture conversations from the residents, family members, staff, and owners in
multiple locations within the St. John’s property to be used for internal and external marketing.


The expression “Mom is going to a Home” sometimes is misunderstood and the team at Lanes wanted to showcase what a retirement community can and should look like.


  • Residents felt overwhelmed with joy to tell their
  • Staff overflowed with positivity around how they get to help people every day.
  • Owners were able to hear and see first hand the beautiful family setting they’ve created.
  • Family members felt included in and empowered by the conversation.
  • The genuine conversations produced an abundance of short clips that could be used to tell the Lanes story.
  • There was “dignity therapy” feel about the entire experience as these seniors left a legacy conversation for their families to reflect on in
    years to come.


Gale Force Wins was tasked to produce a large volume of conversations through the lens of residents, family members, staff, and owners that could be used for future marketing and business development. Conversations were to be in long form with a focus on creating smaller sound bites.




Gale Force Wins met with the leadership team of Lanes to storyboard the topics and identify key people. Lanes assigned their marketing expert to the task and all interviews and locations were scheduled over a three day period.


Gale Force Wins went from location to location within the St.John’s location and quickly set up all sound, video, and lighting. The interviewee was then made to feel relaxed and the Gale Force Wins team ensured all relevant topics were covered in a very conversational style.


A large volume of video interviews were hand delivered to the Lanes marketing team so that they could cut and paste for their website and social media. Here is a selection: