Bluedrop Training & Simulation and Cougar Helicopters

Case Study

As part of the Canadian Ocean Supercluster, member companies Cougar Helicopters and BlueDrop Training and Simulation embarked on a collaboration to create a very specific simulator – the Hoist Mission Training Simulator (HMTS). Gale Force Wins was brought in to assist with tel l ing this story and showcasing the follow on product.


The HMTS allows the trainee to practice mission critical skills in a safe, true-to-life environment. Trainees practice realistic rescue and hoisting operations in challenging scenarios complete with realistic cable behaviour that responds to flight dynamics and operator inputs. This is a very new style of training for these very specific skills and both Cougar Helicopters and Bluedrop wanted to educate potential customers on how the HMTS could fit into their overall training plan in a cost effective, safe, and realistic fashion.


  • An impressive and complex product was very
    well explained through the lens of actual
  • A volume of content was created to greatly
    assist in future business development for the
  • Cougar staff were empowered to tell the story in
    a genuine and authentic way.
  • The content captured can easily be further
    edited for the purposes of both retention and
    future recruitment for Cougar Helicopters.


Gale Force Wins was tasked to tell the story of the HMTS through the lens of the
Cougar operators – both Rescue Specialists and Rescue Pilots.


Over a series of short virtual discussions Gale Force Wins met with the marketing
team to understand the themes they hoped to capture and sorted all logistics of
time and space. This effort took no more than 60 mins in total.
Gale Force Wins arrived on site in St.John’s NL met with the senior management
team to fully understand the history of the project, the offering they were forming,
potential clients, quickly scouted locations, set up all AV equipment for a static
location, commenced roaming the facility for mobile AV work to capture plenty of
B-roll footage. Returning over a period of two days to complete all work in a very
busy and active operational hangar.



The highlight of this engagement was meeting and showcasing true Canadian heroes
for a total of 16 interviews, one collage video, one simulation and one actual SAR
exercise. To see the Youtube Playlist Click Here.