Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hungary

Case Study – Budapest, Hungary

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hungary took the initiative to tell their story differently. They knew they had great member companies who were doing great things but put through the Western lens all things Hungarian are a little misunderstood.


Hungry has had a tumultuous past and the last century has been somewhat complicated. This coupled with a Western focused media makes it challenging to tell the story of all the wonderful things Hungary has to offer.


  • Hungarian businesses are celebrated.
  • Hungarian technology and innovation is showcased.
  • Hungarian cuisine is showcased.
  • Hungarian culture is given positive exposure for it’s beauty and uniqueness.
  • Hungarian architecture is witnessed.
  • Hungarian Canadians tell their stories.


Gale Force Wins was tasked to showcase all things Hungarian through the lens of 12 Hungarian Canadians over a seven day adventure.



Gale Force Wins met with the Leadership Team of the Hungarian Chamber of
Commerce to storyboard the topics and what guests should be brought to
the stage. A date was set and the logistic planning took place which resulted
in a finely tuned execution of 12 interviews and over 1000 pieces of B-Roll
Gale Force Wins arrived in Budapest and immediately were immersed in
Hungarian culture. Each day brought a new adventure and intriguing
conversations. Our mission was to bust some myths about Hungary and tell
tourists and businesses alike that in order to truly understand and celebrate
Hungary you must touch it. An added bonus of this Gale Force Wins was the
introduction of our new Co-Host Judit Lovas. This series has a very family
focus as we were able to travel with our sons Spencer Carew and
Thomas Dale who gathered b-roll around the city.

Deliverable – 12 Conversations

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