Everwind Fuels

Case Study

With a fast moving, dynamic, and ever evolving energy sector in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Everwind fuels is building the largest wind farm in the Western Hemisphere to produce green hydrogen that is carbon free and made from 100% renewable resources. There are plenty of competitors, regulators, governments, communities, suppliers, and customers involved and Everwind chose to stand out at the Energy NL 2023 Conference by bringing a conversation to the trade show floor for the benefit of all attendees and beyond.


The Province of Newfoundland and Labrador recently lifted all restrictions on the utilization of wind in the heavily regulated energy sector opening the way for many well funded new and established entities to enter the conversation. Further, the Province is extremely close to
down selecting those companies that will move forward. Everwind fuels needed to stand out in order to connect with suppliers and a multitude of key stakeholders.


  • Everwind Fuels is a thought leader and distinguished themselves by lifting the entire
  • Everwind got a glimpse into the their key stakeholders that they might not have had.
  • The audience gets to understand this emerging sector on a different and more nuanced level.
  • The stakeholders that were in conversation get access to all digital files and get a unique style of advertising.
  • Everwinds generosity amplified and magnified the entire show and sector.
  • Stakeholders and suppliers have a better understanding of how Everwind Fuels does business – They understand “A Rising Tide Floats All Boats”.




Gale Force Wins was tasked to showcase the Energy NL trade show and Everwind
Fuels was insistent that the conversation not be about them but about the energy
sector on NL holistically. The goal was to create eight short form (5-10 min
conversations) that would highlight opportunities, diversity&inclusion, and
community engagement.


Over a 30 min phone call Gale Force Wins met with the Leadership Team of
Everwind Fuels to better understand the guests they would like featured, the
themes they wanted to cover, and how the podcast booth would be incorporated
into their trade show presence.

Gale Force Wins did a reconnaissance of the show and the Everwind booth the
evening prior to the show and arrived one hour before opening on the first day to
rapidly set up and conducted all checks to ensure the first guest was on the show
as soon as the doors opened


Gale Force wins produced 22 videos, along with the keynote address, multiple walk-
arounds to feature the trade show, and was able conduct multiple shoots

simultaneously. To view the playlist click here.