Bounce Health Innovation Hackathon

Case Study
Bounce Health Innovation Network took the initiative to challenge over 200 people with real world problems that faced the Rural Newfoundland and Labrador healthcare system. They chose to do a “hackathon”.

“A hackathon, also known as a codefest, is a social coding event that brings computer programmers and other interested people together to improve upon or build a new software program. The word hackathon is a portmanteau of the words hacker, which means clever programmer, and marathon, an event marked by endurance.”

At A Glance
When faced with a large number of people who have recently been thrust together to solve very challenging problems, how do you tell the story of both the solutions and the people that did the work?

– Bounce showcased innovation at work
– Bounce celebrated the power of a team
– Bounce solved problems
– Bounce empowered those attending the event

Gale Force Wins was tasked to capture the hackathon over a 48 hour period that included storming and norming, relaxation and focusing yoga, ideation, pitch preparation, final presentations, and the award show.


Gale Force Wins met with the Hackathon organizer and within 45 mins understood the themes she hoped to capture in the event and sorted out all the logistics of time and space.

Gale Force Wins arrived on site at the Memorial University Faculty of Medicine and quickly scouted locations, set up all AV equipment for a static location, commenced roaming the facility for mobile AV work to capture the ideation conversations in various rooms, pitch preparation, and B-roll footage. On the award evening Gale Force Wins relocated the static AV set up to capture the Award ceremony. Gale Force Wins conducted interviews with various teams, judges, organizers, and mentors to capture a 360 degree.

Conversations with teams, mentors and judges and a recording of the awards ceremony.

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Interviews by Galeforce Wins of the Bounce Health Hackathon