Welcome to the Podcast Hub of Allan Dale & Gerry Carew. Two Atlantic Canadians engaged in genuine conversations focused on optimism that produces actionable inspiration.

Gerry and Allan aboard HMCS Toronto upon which they interviewed 30 sailors for the podcast at the invitation of the RCN.

Allan and Gerry grew up in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. They joined the Naval Reserves in the mid 1980’s and Allan became part of the regular force navy while Gerry spent 9 years in the Naval Reserves with HMCS Cabot.

During the early days of the pandemic they connected on Zoom regularly. They realized the conversations were energizing and decided to ask a guest to join and record the conversation.

Gerry and Allan having a chat on Zoom.

The name Gale Force Wins came to them quickly, like it was meant to be, and surprisingly the website address was available. Within a couple of months something very special started to happen. Many people were telling us they were really inspired by what we were doing and the motivation to continue just grew. It became clear that the demand for this type of content was very high. While we did not start this as a business we are excited to let you know it has become one, with numerous organizations hiring us to create custom content.

Allan and Gerry aboard HMCS Oriole.
Allan and Gerry on the flight deck of the HMCS Toronto entering Halifax Harbour.
In collaboration with http://www.nlca.ca we set out to interview experienced and involved members of the Newfoundland and Labrador commercial construction industry.

There already are too many individuals and organizations that have supported us in the beginning to mention. We thank all of you for your encouragement and participation in the Gale Force Wins community.

Allan and Gerry on location at DEFSEC Atlantic at the invitation of Genoa Design, interviewing Karl Kenny, CEO of Kraken Robotics.

We have heard so many stories of inspiration it is hard to describe what this experience has been like, but for certain it continues to be incredibly fulfilling. We have plans to bring more inspiring content to you every week and if you have ideas for guests we are open to suggestions just email gerry@thenlvideoman.com.

Thanks for all your support.

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Allan Dale: Click on Allan’s picture below to learn more or email him here: allan.1dale@gmail.com

Allan Dale

Gerry Carew: Click on Gerry’s picture to learn more or email him here: gerry@thenlvideoman.com

Gerry Carew

Some kind words from Craig Tucker President and CEO of Keyin College.