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Gale Force Wins is an unconventional and disruptive Atlantic Canadian based media entity co-owned and operated by Navy Veterans and lifelong friends Gerry Carew and Allan Dale. Gerry and Allan are seasoned relationship development and communication experts. 

Our why – Everything we do is centered around inspiration. We believe people do their best work when inspired. This results in positive actions and forward motion. The way we do this is through genuine, yet sophisticated “storytelling” that is designed to emotionally connect and build trust with the audience. This elegant solution is content that can be shared across media platforms.

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During the early days of the pandemic, they connected on Zoom regularly. They realized the conversations were energizing and decided to ask a guest to join and record the conversation.

The name Gale Force Wins came to them quickly, like it was meant to be, and surprisingly the website address was available. Within a couple of months, something very special started to happen. Many people were telling us they were really inspired by what we were doing and the motivation to continue just grew. It became clear that the demand for this type of content was very high. While we did not start this as a business we are excited to let you know it has become one, with numerous organizations hiring us to create custom content.

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Meet the Hosts

An optimist and connector who acts with urgency, can only see opportunity, and won’t easily take no for an answer. His Unfair Competitive Advantage is three and half decades of global relationship development across governments, industries, and academia coupled with a burning entrepreneurial spirit and a natural ability to tell a story.

Allan Dale
Allan DaleCo-Founder, Gale Force Wins
Gerry Carew
Gerry CarewCo-Founder, Gale Force Wins

A lifelong seeker of what inspires others. 

Over 30 years in advertising sales created an insatiable curiosity about what makes people tick. From radio to newspapers to video to digital advertising it’s always been about the people behind the businesses that truly makes things work. Advertising on the weekdays and wedding videos on the weekends, Gerry has recorded well in excess of 500 wedding videos since 1988. Nothing compares to the fulfilling feeling of being around families and friends expressing love for each other on a wedding day. Gale Force Wins isn’t a wedding but it’s a marriage of positive and inspiration that just makes sense.

Dr. Judit Lovas was born in Hungary behind the ‘Iron Curtain’ and that taught her to be resourceful and overcome unique challenges. Regardless of her circumstances, she has always wanted to achieve more than what seemed to be attainable. After high school, she was laser focused on completing a doctorate degree in law. She achieved that and was determined to become the best lawyer in town. Judit is a business leader, people connector, and also holds a Master’s in Gender Studies from Memorial University in Canada where she lived for 10 years. 

She works internationally with driven individuals and organizations, inspiring them to create their own version of success and helping them achieve that in their career and business. Judit’s mission is to prove that success is not an abstract concept, and, by using the right motivation and techniques, everyone is capable of achieving great levels of it, regardless of their current circumstances. Judit joined Gale Force Wins in Hungary in November 2022. She organized 12 interviews with Canadian business leaders operating in Budapest and the outskirts of the city. Not only did she organize the entire trip she also sat in as guest host in every interview. Gale Force Wins is privileged to have Dr. Judit Lovas as a guest host. 

Judit Lovas
Judit LovasGuest Host, Gale Force Wins