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Ryan is a graduate of the broadcasting television program at Algonquin College where he developed skills with technical equipment as well as production, directing and writing roles in many types of live or pre-recorded TV. Through the execution of live shows he has demonstrated the ability to produce, direct, switch, and operate equipment, all while remaining calm and focused. His work history includes multiple camera operation positions for live to tape TV productions as well as countless shows, documentaries, profile pieces and short films as assignments for school over the past two years in TV Broadcasting. As a camera operator he is able to execute shots with precise and professional exposure and framing. As a technical director he is able to live switch shows in the fast-paced environment of a control room. He is passionate about entertainment, and his long-term goals include directing story-driven TV shows as well as hosting an outdoor NHL game in Newfoundland. IRyan can be contacted at ryanmarshallflanagan@gmail.com or 709-725-4134 for any job openings.

Talent Streams are short videos on the Gale Force Wins Media Platform where we interview people who will make a difference.

Guest Information

Guest: Ryan Flanagan

Business: Graduate of the Broadcasting Television Program, Algonquin College


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