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Welcome to Gale Force Wins

Welcome to the Podcast Hub of Allan Dale & Gerry Carew. Two Atlantic Canadians engaged in genuine conversations focused on optimism that produces actionable inspiration.

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The Reviews Are In

Life is a positive experience if you chase your dreams and work hard. My story has been featured on Gale Force Wins and it has been a wonderful opportunity to help inspire others. Gerry and Allan have put together a product that is needed right now and it’s been my pleasure to be featured. I have been in business for decades and it’s amazing how many doors have opened after sharing my story.

Honorary Captain(N) Fred Georg, Gold Mining Entrepreneur

The YMCA is founded on positive action to improve our communities. After being featured on Gale Force Wins it was gratifying to receive feedback that the work we are doing in the province is making a difference. Gale Force Wins is doing something special by sharing stories of inspiration that lift people up.

Jason Brown, CEO at YMCA of Newfoundland and Labrador

I created Oil Filtration Solutions out of a passion for helping others prolong the life of their equipment. To build a business you need to remain positive despite all the ups and downs. Gale Force Wins allowed me to share the journey  I have been on for over 20 years and the feedback I have gotten after being featured has been very satisfying. It’s obvious Allan and Gerry have a passion for inspiring stories and it has been my privilege to be featured on one of their early episodes.

Bill Butler, President of Oil Filtration Solutions Ltd.
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