Michele Tessier: only the third woman to ever command a Canadian naval warship. Inspiring leadership a role model for today’s youth. Our next guest Tuesday December 22nd 8pm NL time.

Gale Force Wins #2 Alan Mulholland: round the world solo sailor talks about his journey

Alan Mulholland round the world solo sailor talks about his incredible journey around the world in his 26 foot sailboat. This boat is intended for a sail around the great lakes but Allan takes it into the open ocean and around the world. Allan’s key takeaway from this amazing solo journey is to “live in the moment”. This chat is worth your time.

Gale Force Wins Podcast: Guest Teaser: Alan Mulholland solo round the world sailor. Dec 8th 8pm

Announcing Alan Mulholland, solo round the world sailor as Gale Force Wins first guest. We will post the full 39 min interview on Tuesday December 8th at 8pm. Allan Mulholland talks about adaptability, agility and living in the moment. We think you will enjoy this really engaging chat about this experiences as a solo sailor. Would you go around the world in a 26 foot sailboat? Check out his Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7m3fuU8ASlIKz9LnV-vvJg