Kraken Robotics – Canada’s Ocean Company

The Vice President of Engineering for Kraken Robotics, Dave Shea, talks to #GaleForceWins about the creation of Canada’s Ocean Company and what’s over the horizon as this forward thinking and innovative company collaborates with others to create value for all. For more information about Kraken Robotics visit

#51 Heather Morrison

Dr. Heather Morrison was appointed Chief Health Officer for PEI in July 2007. As PEI’s first female Rhodes Scholar, she completed both a Master’s and Doctorate degree at University of Oxford in Comparative Social Research and Social Policy with a thesis dissertation in health policy decision-making. Dr. Morrison returned to Canada for her medicine training,Continue reading “#51 Heather Morrison”

#49 Elias Kanaris

Elias Kanaris is an author, professional keynote speaker, executive coach, leadership trainer, and entrepreneur. He has been a regular keynote presenter and he has frequently spoken to audiences in the I.T., telecommunications, insurance, financial services, real estate, and education sectors across thirteen countries on four continents. Since the early 1980s, Elias has been using humourContinue reading “#49 Elias Kanaris”

#46 Corina Walsh

Corina is a certified coach, author, speaker, and the CEO of Shift People Development Inc. Throughout a 12-year career she designed creative learning solutions to solve problems for clients and stakeholders. In 2013 however, she found herself at a crossroads. The organizations she worked for didn’t always have an appetite for bigger thinking or newContinue reading “#46 Corina Walsh”

#45 Kim Hickman & Katie Thompson

In 2017, mother-daughter duo, Kim Hickman and Katie Thompson saw that there was a gap in the market when it came to a sleek, professional, functional backpack for women. Their problem was simple: most women’s bags suck. Immediately they got to work. Surveying over 400 women both online and in their home about what makesContinue reading “#45 Kim Hickman & Katie Thompson”