#133 Chris Richards-K9PAD Volunteer

Chris Richards serves his country in the Royal Canadian Navy. But he also serves his community as a volunteer with K9 Partners Assistance Dogs which is a Registered Charity located in Nova Scotia. The mission of K9PAD is to provide high quality Service Dogs at a low cost for those in Nova Scotia diagnosed withContinue reading “#133 Chris Richards-K9PAD Volunteer”

#132 Barry Lane – Cofounder Lane’s Retirement

Barry Lane promised his wife he would build a senior’s home so that she could have a home of her own. It took some time but in 1998 that dream became a reality with a home in Old Perlican. Starting with 13 residents Barry, along with his sons provide for over 1000 residents today. ThisContinue reading “#132 Barry Lane – Cofounder Lane’s Retirement”

#131 Bill Radford & Paul Rose – Mazol Shriners NL

The Mazol Shriners NL help children across Newfoundland and Labrador to receive emergency medical care via their Patient Transportation Fund.Joining us in this episode is 2022 Potentate Bill Radford and past Potentate Paul Rose. They engage in a wide ranging discussion about the great work the Mazol Shriners do in the province. This conversation wasContinue reading “#131 Bill Radford & Paul Rose – Mazol Shriners NL”

#130 Blindfolded golfer Fred George hits longest drive and wins $50,000 for charity

Blindfolded golfer Fred George wins $50,000 for charity. With Bill Clinton & a room full of CEO’s looking on Fred executes an unbelievable drive blindfolded. #GaleForceWins visited George at his summer residence in Bedford, Nova Scotia where he recounts that amazing shot. Two weeks prior to this shot Fred could not hit the ball offContinue reading “#130 Blindfolded golfer Fred George hits longest drive and wins $50,000 for charity”

#129 Ken Driscoll – Entrepreneur – Summerside PEI

Ken is a media consultant and content creator for https://www.higherdesign.com/ in Summerside, PEI, specializing in video and web content.  Ken and Kirk Arsenault came together to form https://www.sofistofish.com/. Ken says he loves to see a project result in measurable returns. After family, it’s really important for him to see those results and act upon them accordingly. Business isContinue reading “#129 Ken Driscoll – Entrepreneur – Summerside PEI”

#128 Bill Schurman – Change Agent

Passionate about people, community development & engagement. Bill Schurman is an energetic change agent who by experience understands partnerships, collaboration planning and process. To quote Bill “Throughout my career I have learned the goal of going from good to great is always within reach”. #galeforcewins is an inspirational podcast with New episodes every Tuesday eveningContinue reading “#128 Bill Schurman – Change Agent”

#127 Rube and Rake – Musicians

Rube & Rake’s new album begins with an ode to family and friends— togetherness—as Josh Sandu declares, against a hopeful bluegrass backdrop, “somewhere there’s a place to lay my head.” Nine songs later, over a gently plucked guitar, he sings, “I won’t go picking it up, the weight of the page is just too much.”Continue reading “#127 Rube and Rake – Musicians”

#126 Kirsten Rodden-Clarke – Musician

An impromptu trip to Nashville in 2019 set the wheels in motion for the sophomore record from Americana Folk duo, Quote the Raven. The sounds filling the Nashville airways reinvigorated the Newfoundland duo’s inspiration and they found a new home in the Americana genre. Their upcoming record titled Can’t Hold the Light, is a summationContinue reading “#126 Kirsten Rodden-Clarke – Musician”

#125 Ife Alaba – Musician

Ife Alaba (Born Ifeoluwa Alaba on June 10, 1999) is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. She grew up in South Africa with a strong musical background spanning from being in choirs, orchestras, undergoing opera training, and undertaking the trombone. Ife began her music career after moving to Canada, as a performer at the Memorial UniversityContinue reading “#125 Ife Alaba – Musician”

#124 King Sway – Musician

King Sway (Born Farai Gwasira on January 6, 1999) is an award nominated rapper, singer, songwriter, TV Personality and producer based in Canada. He is known for his witty wordplay, curious sound, and creative style that combine stories of pain throughout his life and a sense of uneasiness with melodies that hit the heart atContinue reading “#124 King Sway – Musician”