#62 Rear-Admiral Santarpia

#GaleForceWins was in invited by https://genoadesign.com/ to attend http://defsecatlantic.ca/ to interview a selection of attendees. In episode #62 we interview the most senior sailor in The Royal Canadian Navy. Rear-Admiral Santarpia enrolled in the Canadian Forces Officer Candidate Training Plan as a Maritime Surface Officer in 1986. His operational postings on both the East andContinue reading “#62 Rear-Admiral Santarpia”

Making Waves with Emily Smits, Modest Tree

Providing digitalization tools to industries including aerospace, defence, automotive, and manufacturing, there’s nothing modest about this company’s recent rocket-like growth. Emily talks about creating immersive virtual environments, and the intersection of gaming and workforce skills training. To learn more about Modest Tree visit their site: https://www.modesttree.com/ To connect with Emily visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/smitsemily/ Thanks to https://genoadesign.com/Continue reading “Making Waves with Emily Smits, Modest Tree”

Making Waves with Melanie Nadeau, COVE

From the Royal Canadian Navy to now being head of the COVE (Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship) right on Dartmouth’s waterfront, saltwater has always been in Melanie’s DNA. At the crossroads of innovation, business, and sustainability, COVE houses a cluster of ocean-tech companies (from start-ups to multinationals) ready to propel the blue economy forward.Continue reading “Making Waves with Melanie Nadeau, COVE”

Making Waves with Joanna Davies, QinetiQ

Joanna is helping to set the roadmap for the future of collaboration between the UK and Canada, through cross-Atlantic skills training and by helping defence adjacent workers get into the game. To learn more about QinetiQ visit: https://www.qinetiq.com/en-ca To connect with Joanna visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joanna-davies-863a401b/ Thanks to https://genoadesign.com/ for spearheading this “Making Waves’ “Gale Force Wins”Continue reading “Making Waves with Joanna Davies, QinetiQ”

Making Waves with With Allen Dillon, Sapper Labs Cyber Solutions

Al is making big waves by helping to drive cybersecurity to the top of the defence sector agenda. He talks about what’s keeping him up at night when it comes to digital security, and the critical need for academia, business, and government leaders to collectively rise to the challenge and get this country’s cyber agendaContinue reading “Making Waves with With Allen Dillon, Sapper Labs Cyber Solutions”

Making Waves with Laurie Balan, Genoa Design International

Laurie talks about her road to becoming Genoa’s inaugural CTO, the company’s rapid growth trajectory, maintaining culture during a pandemic, and the sense of pride and energy she’s feeling in the Canadian shipbuilding industry. For more information about Genoa Design International visit their website: https://genoadesign.com/ Thanks to https://genoadesign.com/ for spearheading this “Making Waves’ “Gale ForceContinue reading “Making Waves with Laurie Balan, Genoa Design International”

Making Waves with Randy Billard, Virtual Marine

A true Canadian SME success story, Virtual Marine is changing the face of maritime safety. The company’s simulators virtually train workers, from the oil and gas to the defense sector, for emergencies they could face in the harshest of conditions. Randy talks with the boys about the craftiness of Newfoundlanders (of which he is one)Continue reading “Making Waves with Randy Billard, Virtual Marine”

Making Waves with Victoria Belbin

The head of the Atlantic Canada Aerospace and Defence Association (DEFSEC Atlantic’s presenting partner) talks about the exciting advances and opportunities ahead on land, ocean, and air. Business is coming and knocking on Atlantic Canada’s door! To learn more about Atlantic Canada Aerospace and Defence Association visit: https://ac-ada.ca/ To connect with Victoria Belbin visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/victoria-belbin-icd-d-11a1923b/Continue reading “Making Waves with Victoria Belbin”