#124 King Sway – Musician

King Sway (Born Farai Gwasira on January 6, 1999) is an award nominated rapper, singer, songwriter, TV Personality and producer based in Canada. He is known for his witty wordplay, curious sound, and creative style that combine stories of pain throughout his life and a sense of uneasiness with melodies that hit the heart atContinue reading “#124 King Sway – Musician”

#123 Duane Andrews – Musician

A native of the island of Newfoundland, off the east coast of Canada, Duane grew up exposed to the island’s mélange of cultural influences and his development as a guitarist reflects that. After graduating from the Jazz Studies program at St. FXU with honours, Duane spent several years studying contemporary music composition at the ConservatoireContinue reading “#123 Duane Andrews – Musician”

#122 Ritche Perez – Photographer

Ritche Perez is a photographer based in Portugal Cove – St. Philips and St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. He has been doing graphic design for twenty five years. Growing up reading through his parent’s magazines, he was fascinated by the photographs in magazines such as Life, Time, and National Geographic. He enjoys capturing moments in streetContinue reading “#122 Ritche Perez – Photographer”

#121 Justin Garland – St. John’s Fish Exchange

Justin Garland is co-owner and general manager of one of St. John’s most popular restaurants https://sjfx.ca/ His interest in business started at a very young age when he would tag along with several real estate agents that he knew. His best friends father, Rob Moore, owned numerous restaurants throughout the city and he took an interest inContinue reading “#121 Justin Garland – St. John’s Fish Exchange”

#120 Alan Doyle – Musician, Actor, Author

Alan Thomas Doyle (born May 17, 1969) is a Canadian musician and actor, best known for his work as one of the lead singers of Celtic band Great Big Sea.Doyle was born to Thomas and Regina Doyle in Petty Harbour, Newfoundland, his mother was a piano teacher who taught him. Doyle attended St. Kevin’s inContinue reading “#120 Alan Doyle – Musician, Actor, Author”

#119 TJ Gear – Gear’s Gains – Happy Valley-Goose Bay

TJ Gear own Gear’s Gains Fitness Center in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. TJ is a Gold medalist at the Commonwealth Powerlifting Championship. TJ works hard and pushes past limits. With national and international level training certifications he brings a versatile training style to his fitness center. Gear’s Gains Fitness Center offers Weight Lifting and Cardio Equipment,Continue reading “#119 TJ Gear – Gear’s Gains – Happy Valley-Goose Bay”

#118 Pierre Trowbridge – St. John’s Walking Tours

Pierre was born and raised in Arnold’s Cove, NL, a small outport community a little more than an hour from St. John’s. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic he had been teaching English and traveling in Asia for the better part of a decade, with the last 4 and a half years spent in China. ButContinue reading “#118 Pierre Trowbridge – St. John’s Walking Tours”

#117 Kim Paddon – Whink – NL Weavery – Sparkes Design

Kim Paddon is one of a new breed of business owners. With her signature glasses and passion for pink, this fashionista operates https://www.whinkinc.com/ with sense and style.Kim has always been creative and studied to be a graphic designer at Holland College. After graduation, Kim returned home to St. John’s, NL to be closer to her family andContinue reading “#117 Kim Paddon – Whink – NL Weavery – Sparkes Design”

#116 Fred George – Gold Mining Entrepreneur and Honorary Navy Captain

Fred George is an extraordinarily successful businessman, a proud Nova Scotian, and one of Canada’s greatest philanthropists. Mr. George immigrated to Nova Scotia when he was 19, with a dream of making a better life for his family. He grew his Halifax mining company into the largest gold and silver producer in Mexico. He isContinue reading “#116 Fred George – Gold Mining Entrepreneur and Honorary Navy Captain”

#115 Ian Wood – joins us from his boat in the Bahamas

Ian Wood is a highly personable team builder with 35+ years of leadership and management expertise in international, national, civilian, military, diplomatic, and academic organizations. Ian is a skilled communicator, facilitator and has a strong sense of humour. Ian has authored a broad spectrum of academic and professional publications.He was the Naval Attache at theContinue reading “#115 Ian Wood – joins us from his boat in the Bahamas”