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Denise Goodyear, the heart and soul of Intuitive Media, has spent more than 20 years helping clients to optimize their marketing strategies and budgets – no matter how much they have to spend – to achieve real results.

As President of Intuitive Media, Denise is happiest when meeting new people, building relationships, and helping businesses grow through marketing management, digital strategy, advertising, and training.

An award-winning marketer, Denise began her career in media sales, but developed a deeper passion for marketing and communications strategy, spending nearly a decade as a partner in a successful agency before branching out on her own. To build on her marketing education, Denise successfully completed the Digital & Social Media Program at Memorial University in 2019 and has nearly 20 years sales and marketing experience with various organizations and businesses throughout the province and the country.

She’s an active speaker on entrepreneurship and marketing, bridging the gap between education and industry, and working to provide the tools and knowledge owners and managers can put to work in their businesses.
When she’s not working, Denise is an active volunteer and mentor, lending her time and skills to organizations such as Futurpreneur Canada, CHBA-NL, NLCA, and others, in addition to NLOWE, where she currently sits as volunteer President.

Connect with Denise here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/denisegoodyear/

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Guest: Denise Goodyear

Business: Intuitive Media


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