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In this episode #GaleForceWins interviews the Coxswain of HMCS Windsor Jason Thompson followed by PO2 Marcus Hibbert who is the senior Sonar Technician. We then chat with the Executive Officer Lt. Jay Finlayson and finally the Commanding Officer, CDR. Drew Matheson. We were on location on a barge just across from the sub itself and if you visit our Youtube Channel you will see the footage of the interviews.

In the background the other star of the show is HMCS Windsor itself.

HMCS Windsor (877) / Victoria-class submarine

The former HMS Unicorn was laid up by the Royal Navy in October 1994. She was accepted by Canada and named Windsor on July 5, 2001, and sailed from Faslane on October 8 to arrive in Halifax on October 19, 2001. Her training program in 2002 was interrupted on March 28 by what proved to be a minor flooding while submerged, but the extent of required repairs led to the decision to begin her Canadianization Work Period early. During the course of this refit she was commissioned in Halifax on October 4, 2003. She returned to sea on April 5, 2004, and for the remainder of the year conducted trials and training exercises.

In June 2005, Windsor commenced the first operational cycle for her class, lasting through December 2006. In this period, she participated in a number of international exercises, including the successful tracking of a United States Navy nuclear-powered attack submarine and assisting in the work-ups of a USN carrier battle group. In Canadian waters, Windsor participated in the first-ever parachute rendezvous at sea practiced with Canada’s Patrol Pathfinders (Canadian Army paratroopers), and also conducted several sovereignty patrols off the east coast for intelligence-gathering, surveillance and reconnaissance.

Windsor entered an Extended Docking Work Period (EDWP) at the Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Scott in Halifax on January 15, 2007, which was completed on November 30, 2012. In the ensuing operational cycle, Windsor spent a total of 174 days at sea before being docked in March 2014 to repair a defective diesel generator.

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Guest Information

Guest: Jason Thompson, Marcus Hibbert, Jay Finlayson, Drew Matheson

Business: HMCS Windsor


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