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Judit was born in Hungary, living her early childhood behind the ‘Iron Curtain’ taught her to be resourceful and overcome unique challenges. Regardless of her circumstances, she has always wanted to achieve more than what seemed to be attainable. After high school, she was laser focused on completing a doctorate degree in law. When she achieved that, she was determined to become the best lawyer in town. Her theory of success comprised of having a loving husband, two beautiful daughters and running a law firm. By the age of 28, she achieved this dream. Then, she felt ready for new challenges and more exciting goals. That’s when she and her husband decided to uproot their family and start a new life in Canada, St. John’s to be exact.

But there is so much more to this story and the episode reveals the rest.

To visit Judit’s website go here: https://juditlovas.com/

To connect with Judit go here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drjuditlovas/

Guest Information

Guest: Judit Lovas

Business: Legal Professional, Personal Transformation & Success Coach, Certified Workplace Mediator and Harassment Investigator, Business Consultant


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