HMCS Harry DeWolf messages home

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HMCS Harry Dewolf is a Canadian Warship on deployment in the Caribbean. #GaleForceWins had the pleasure of meeting the ship in Turks & Caicos and recorded conversations with sailors in a series called “Force-8-Hometowners.” This video is a collage of the sailors greetings to their loved ones back home in Canada. All the interviews will be released in the coming weeks on Special Thanks Rear Admiral Brian Santarpia for your support. Lieutenant Commander Kray Robichaud for your vision. Lieutenant Commander Veronik Martin for your impressive logistics. Lieutenant Jill Marcoux for your guidance. The Palms Turks & Caicos deserves a special mention for allowing Allan and Gerry access to their beautiful facility for 4 days and nights. We could not have completed this without The Palms support. Here is a little tour Gerry put together. Here is their website

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    1. It was our pleasure to be aboard and bring these stories back to family and friends. We hope as many Canadians as possible get to see the sailors in their element.

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