#45 Kim Hickman & Katie Thompson

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In 2017, mother-daughter duo, Kim Hickman and Katie Thompson saw that there was a gap in the market when it came to a sleek, professional, functional backpack for women. Their problem was simple: most women’s bags suck. Immediately they got to work. Surveying over 400 women both online and in their home about what makes a ‘perfect backpack’. These ‘backpack yaks’ as they called them proved to be very useful in the early research of the Maya Backpack. Through their research, Kim and Katie found that women wanted so much more than a backpack. They wanted a stylish carry-all bag that would easily transform to carry them throughout their day. In their early surveys they discovered that women opted for a clean sleek design with plenty of features inside the bag. The surveys also showed that women were more keen on cruelty free materials like vegan leather. To learn more about this inspiring story watch the episode on http://www.GaleForceWins.com For more info about the products they design to help women unlock their inner goddess & contribute to a global community of empowered women visit http://www.diosadesigns.com

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