#43 Jay Gallagher

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Jay Gallagher worked in construction in Ireland with his dad at the age of 14. Sadly his dad passed away when he was a teenager but his incredibly strong mom kept the family together and instilled a work ethic that serves him well to this day. During university Jay and his brother, while still teenagers started a second hand import auto parts company in their mother’s garage. That company still exists today and employees 30 people in Ireland. Jay always had an interest in Canada and decided to move to PEI in 2012. Starting out in construction in PEI he dreamed about one day starting a business with food. Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur his dream of a business with food is a reality creating http://www.EatFYB.ca which delivers healthy and delicious portion controlled meals right to your door. This is a fascinating story originating in Ireland and now thriving in PEI. http://www.GaleForceWins.com new episodes every Tuesday evening!

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