#41 Bev Moore-Davis

Bev is an award-winning advocate, a best-selling author, an entrepreneur, a former model and fashion designer, and most importantly, a loving mom and wife. But once upon a time, she was an innocent little girl living a life of abuse and torture in a “perfect” house behind a white picket fence. For more than a decade she was sexually, physically, and mentally abused by her adopted parents. She became pregnant at 17 and on a cold winter’s night, she jumped from her bedroom window and ran away from home. That’s when her life changed. Despite the circumstances, she was determined to not only survive, but to thrive. She competed internationally as a model, became a successful entrepreneur, and founded the Miles For Smiles Foundation, an organization dedicated to the support, awareness and prevention of child abuse. Through Miles For Smiles, she has facilitated child abuse awareness and prevention events throughout North America. Bev recently published a book called White Picket Monsters about her personal story of child abuse and how she learned to use her experiences as an impetus to help others. You can buy the book here: https://www.amazon.ca/White-Picket-Mo…

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