#33 Ana & Eric

A Musical Monday bonus episode. After performing together for many years in Folk and Bossa Nova projects, Ana Luísa Ramos and Eric Taylor Escudero have created a concert with the best of the two worlds. The partnership started as Ana was featured in Eric’s folk-rock project. In 2016 Ana released her debut album “Um”, with original songs written by Eric and covers of traditional Brazilian songs and a Gershwin brothers Standard Jazz. Having performed in Brazil, Europe and Canada, Ana & Eric present a unique show that combines Folk, Bossa Nova, and Brazilian Popular Music, featuring original songs and covers in English and Portuguese. The Brazilian duo based in St. John’s, NL, has recently released two singles “Hope” and “Lights my way”, and their self-titled debut EP through The Citadel House. New episodes every Tuesday evening on http://www.GaleForceWins.com and this has been a special bonus episode.

2 thoughts on “#33 Ana & Eric

  1. Thank you for broadcasting this heart warming interview. To listen to someone else experience and positively react your own world is affirming. Ana and Eric are such sweet people. We wish them well.

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    1. You are very welcome. We agree with you 100% about listening to their experience in the place we grew up. Ana and Eric make us appreciate what we have more than ever. This is why their musical contribution and just their being here matters!


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