#22 John Steele

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John Steele grew up in one of the most entrepreneurial families in Canada. Never one to sit back and simply enjoy that success, John is forging ahead with an expansion to his JAG hotel in St. John’s despite the pandemic. Join us on http://www.galeforcewins.com as we talk with John about his family’s beginnings in Gander and subsequent sale of Newfoundland Capital Corporation to Stingray. Oh and if you like music there’s a good bit of banter around his sideline project the Iconic Iceberg Alley Performance Tent. www.galeforcewins.com new episodes every Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “#22 John Steele

  1. Well done!
    Mr. Steele has a real sincerity about him.
    I am very impressed with the Jag Hotel and the extension plans. I am hoping to finally attend an Iceberg Alley event this year.

    1. He is a very sincere person who has earned a great reputation as a great person to work for with his Hotel chain. Thanks for your interest in our Podcast we have much more in store for you!

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