#17 Ofra Harnoy and Mike Herriott

In this episode we are joined by two of Canada’s most talented musicians, cellist Ofra Harnoy and her multi-instrumentalist husband Mike Herriott. The episode opens with scenes of Newfoundland and Labrador shot by Gerry Carew set to “Let me Fish off Cape St. Mary’s” a wonderful track from Ofra’s recently released Analekta album “On the Rock,” celebrating the sounds and spirit of Newfoundland. The pop-up on Ofra’s website sums up the “On the Rock” album this way: “With the guidance and contribution of Bob Hallett, this album is a selection of songs, jigs, and reels that Ofra felt she really connected with and that told a story of what she has come to know and love about the province of Newfoundland.”

Mike and Ofra share an incredible bond in life and music which is evident as they discuss the beginnings of their relationship to their decision to make St. John’s Newfoundland home.

For more information on Ofra visit: https://orcd.co/ofra-harnoy_on-the-rock-album

For more information on Mike visit: https://mikeherriott.com/

To listen or purchase visit: https://orcd.co/ofra-harnoy_on-the-rock-album

New episodes are available every Tuesday evening on http://www.galeforcewins.com

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