#15 Karina Leblanc

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In honour of #internationalwomensday2021 #galeforcewins brings you KARINA LEBLANC. Karina is a retired Olympic bronze medalist and professional athlete who has the distinguished honor of being one of the longest serving soccer players for Canada, second only to the great Christine Sinclair. With a prestigious career that spanned almost 18 years at the international level, she participated in 5 FIFA World Cups and two Olympic Games, winning an Olympic medal and making her and her team household names. Karina was appointed by the Minister of National Defence as an RCN Honorary Navy Captain – They are leaders in their respective fields and take on the role of ambassador for the RCN to the Canadian people as a whole. Honorary Captains come from all across the nation and are an integral part of the Navy family, each one committed to making a difference for Canada through their support of the RCN. Karina is one of the most inspirational speakers you will ever listen to and we are very proud to bring her to you. One of her quotes from our conversation comes from discussion around the pandemic and she says “Thank you for this hard time!” This quote encapsulates the optimism that oozes from this amazing woman. http://www.galeforcewins.com new episodes every Tuesday evening.

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