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Gerard Murphy the founder and president of Barefoot Facilitation Inc joins us as guest host to interview Gerry Carew and Allan Dale the cofounders of #GaleForceWins. Gerard turns the table on the duo asking them to share where they come from, how they started #GaleForceWins and where they hope to take it. Gerard has a 30-year track record of excellence as a facilitator, educator, and speaker. His passion is helping people to engage in conversations that are impactful in influencing individual, team and organizational performance. Gerard has made a significant mark in the Canadian business landscape since founding his company in 2008 and that makes him the ideal person to host this anniversary episode. #GaleForceWins is grateful to him for giving his time. If you are interested in more information about his business visit his website https://trybarefoot.com/


0:00 – Introduction

0:20 – Meet Gerard Murphy our guest host

2:03 – Gerry Carew introduces himself.

4:43 – Allan Dale introduces himself.

7:59 – The Royal Canadian Navy influence.

10:16 – How #GaleForceWins started.

14:46 – Allan reaches out during the pandemic and it makes a big difference.

15:40 – Be quick to show your vulnerability, and people will help.

17:41 – Let’s do it!.

20:06 – Where did the name #GaleForceWins come from?

25:22 – The early days of the podcast.

33:28 – The power of storytelling.

34:12 – This is not about comparison but about positive example to allow you to improve.

38:20 – Allan shares how he was inspired by a Keyin College Student we interviewed.

40:25 – Gerry shares 3 episodes that inspired him.

44:26 – How has your view of the world changed since starting #GaleForceWins?

46:40 – When you look in the eyes of your children what would your advice to them be?

48:37 – What is #GaleForceWins going to look like two years from now?

53:17 How to get a hold of us.

#galeforcewins is an inspirational podcast with New episodes every Tuesday evening on Youtube or wherever you get your podcasts.

You can also visit https://galeforcewins.com/

Gerry: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gerrycarew/

Allan: https://www.linkedin.com/in/allanadale/

Guest Information

Guest: Gerry Carew and Allan Dale


Website: https://www.galeforcewins.com

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Gerry Carew
Gerry CarewCo-founder
Over 30 years in advertising sales created an insatiable curiosity about what makes people tick.
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Allan Dale
Allan DaleCo-founder
An optimist and connector who acts with urgency, can only see opportunity, and won’t easily take no for an answer.
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