141: Steve Kelly, Great nephew of the man who received the RMS Titanic distress signal

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Steve Kelly has a strong family heritage link to Newfoundland and Labrador. Originating from Burlington, a bedroom community of Boston, MA.
Steve’s family, the Myrick’s, were the Cape Race lighthouse keepers for over a hundred years and it was his Great Uncle that received the initial distress message from the RMS TITANIC. The Myrick Wireless Interpretation Centre at the lighthouse is named after his family.

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Also https://mistakenpoint.ca/  provides this information:
Myrick Wireless Interpretation Centre
The Myrick Wireless Interpretation Centre immerses visitors in the earliest days of wireless communication and telegraphy in Newfoundland, when Cape Race was one of the busiest Marconi stations in North America. It is named for the Myrick family who lived and worked at Cape Race from 1874 until 2007, serving as light keepers, fog alarm operators, telegraphers and wireless operators. Knowledgeable guides help bring history to life as they share the remarkable moments that once happened there in electric detail.
The centre is open from July – mid Sept.

Guest Information

Guest: Steve Kelly

Business: Cape Race lighthouse keepers

Website: https://mistakenpoint.ca/

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