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In this episode #GaleForceWins sat down with Captain Fred George to discuss his philosophy of public speaking and business communications. Captain Fred raises the bar for himself at every single opportunity and his creation of a $2.4 billion gold mining company is an example of that. Public speaking is no different and in one case Fred memorized the names of 29 graduates and thanked them by name with no notes and for that he received a standing ovation in the first 90 seconds of his speech. That is quite a feat.
Before watching or listening to this episode we recommend you watch these three videos first:
1. Fred George Speech – Best Opening: https://youtu.be/patXt0AZ4K4
2. Fred George Speech – Standing Ovation in the 1st 90 seconds: https://youtu.be/4F-psfRigJY
3. Fred George Speech – The Power of Simplicity: https://youtu.be/jxJR17qhddc

The following timestamps appear also in the Youtube description and will allow you to jump to sections of the episode that interest you.
0:00 – Allan and Gerry Introduce the conversation
3:41 – In Fred’s office the conversation starts
5:01 – Fred explains his flair for communications
6:46 – Fred tells us where his passion comes from
7:37 – Each and every one of us have something special
7:52-  Find your passion and unleash the genie inside you.
9:48 – Respect the audience’s time.
16:58 – Word association- a very useful tip for any public speaker.
19:33 – Using humour to capture and engage the Audience.
21:26 – Reading the room. Know your audience.
26:21 – What does it mean to communicate well in business?

Guest Information

Guest: Fred George

Business: Captain


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