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Tom is an international award winning senior executive in corporate communication and crisis management, professionally accredited in Public Relations.  He has decades of expertise at senior and executive levels, including internal and external communication, government relations, union and non-union environments, Indigenous outreach, stakeholder management, privately held and public listed companies, governance, projects, operations, crisis management and crisis communication. Tom has so much to share as a communicator and public relations professional we will have to bring him back for another episode.

His rise through the management ranks is fascinating BUT his story of survival through a health challenge that nearly took his life in 2021 is even more gripping. A month in a coma, 41 days on Life Support- 63 days in the cardiovascular ICU and Tom lived to tell the tale right here on #GaleForceWins. This episode will really reach out and grab you.

Guest Information

Guest: Tom Ormsby

Business: Senior Executive


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