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Pierre was born and raised in Arnold’s Cove, NL, a small outport community a little more than an hour from St. John’s. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic he had been teaching English and traveling in Asia for the better part of a decade, with the last 4 and a half years spent in China. But the pandemic separated him from his life in China while he was on vacation and now, a little more than two years since he arrived back in Newfoundland with nothing but two changes of clothes, a camera, and a bicycle as his possessions, he is ready to bring all the passion and energy that he brought to the classroom to the streets of St. John’s through lively, informative, and entertaining walking tours.

St. John’s Walking Tours is the brainchild of Pierre Trowbridge and Melissa Hogan, two longtime friends and passionate travellers that are now bringing that passion to the streets of St. John’s. While the time from conception of the idea for St. John’s Walking tours until launch took place over the last five months, the journey really began in January 2020 at the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was during this time that Pierre was travelling by bicycle from Vietnam to Cambodia to visit friends on his winter vacation. As his journey got underway there were stories of an unknown virus and those stories and the virus followed him down the road.

In the end Pierre found himself stranded outside China so he decided then that the best place for him was back in Canada. It was these circumstances and choices that created the situation for Trowbridge and Hogan to be reunited and eventually conceive and develop St John’s Walking Tours.  Visit their website here: https://stjohnswalkingtours.com/

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Guest Information

Guest: Pierre Trowbridge

Business: St. John's Walking Tours

Website: https://stjohnswalkingtours.com/

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