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Ian Wood is a highly personable team builder with 35+ years of leadership and management expertise in international, national, civilian, military, diplomatic, and academic organizations. Ian is a skilled communicator, facilitator and has a strong sense of humour. Ian has authored a broad spectrum of academic and professional publications.
He was the Naval Attache at the Canadian Embassy in Washington DC, a NAVAL DEFENCE FELLOW, Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, a MILITARY ATTACHÉ, CANADIAN DELEGATION, NATO HQ, Brussels, Belgium, The STAFF OFFICER COMMANDER OF THE PACIFIC FLEET, Victoria, BC, The EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT to the VICE-CHIEF OF THE DEFENCE STAFF, Ottawa, A DEFENCE ANALYST – CHIEF OF FORCE DEVELOPMENT, Ottawa and a NAVAL WARFARE OFFICER, Canada & Global Deployments.
Ian has received numerous awards:
Vice Chief of the Defence Staff Commendation: for leading the team that developed the 30 Year Strategic Capability Costing Model, 2006;
Gulf and Kuwait Medal with Bar for Active Service during the Gulf War, 1991;
Special Service Medal with NATO Bar, 1994;
Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal, 1996;
NATO Medal for Former Yugoslavia, 1996;
Canadian Forces Decoration Second Clasp: for 32 years dedicated service to the Royal Canadian Navy.
Ian along with an appearance from his wife joins us from his boat docked in the Bahamas.

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Guest: Ian Wood

Business: Team Builder


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