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Charlie Oliver is a certified professional life coach, student of integral theory, mediator and meditator, a poet with two self-published works, trained in Reiki, and therapeutic touch…a lover of cycling, roller blading and he is a serial entrepreneur for 40 years. Charlie’s philosophy is There is always a solution!! He leads by being part of the team. Charlie’s entrepreneurial evolution started mid-year 1981. He crafted Martek to provide start-up solutions to young entrepreneurs, it strayed from this early course in its growth when confronted with identifying solutions to difficult real estate situations. It successfully established radical approaches to stagnant realty. Story after story prompted more creative undertakings to effect successful conclusions. Consulting led to management led to leasing led to sales. Under Charlie’s leadership and team approach, through the times of challenging interest rates in the ’80s, to the growth of the ’90s and the market-tightening effects in this new century and now COVID, Martek, Charlie’s company, continues to act with professionalism, patience, and dedication as the market changes. Charlie’s evolution from the early days of Martek, helping young entrepreneurs, has come full circle with him engaging in philanthropic endeavors around the globe, to just spending time with folks who need his ear right here in his own backyard. Folks we have a great episode for you today with Charlie discussing “critical inflection points”, “wicked problems and wicked solutions”, “balance in life”, “chasing risk”, “positive action” and the list goes on but how about you watch for yourself.

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Guest: Charlie Oliver

Business: Serial Entrepreneur


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